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Petroleum Plastic Free Products (PPFP) is a voluntary Certification Standard and Auditing System that goes over and above all current legislation. We are extremely passionate about helping to drive down industries plastic 


No other Plastic Free Certification Framework has higher standards and levels of commitment.  

The ZERO Plastic Management Plan (ZPMP) is designed to assist organisations to identify, manage, monitor and control  plastic consumption in a integrated manner. The continual improvement strategy drives and focuses organisation’s internal systems with an overarching goal to achieving a ZERO Plastic business within a specified time-frame

What it means to carry the PPFP Standards logo

We are dedicated to changing the future of plastic consumption! We are exited about what this will mean to our local economies. By championing market alternatives to petroleum plastics, profits are redistributed and retained bolstering and diversifying local economy.  

Further Implications of ZERO Plastic! 

Our 2019 market research shows that of 155 respondents an enormous 99% are aware of petroleum plastics negative  environmental effects, 55% are aware of its negative health issues. A further 83% agree focus should be on the the entire organisations plastic consumption not solely the end product and its packaging and 93% would be willing to pay extra for a certified plastic free product? 


We are committed to helping organisation's become ZERO Plastic from production to product!

Become PPFP Certified today and let us help you communicate directly to your customers though our trusted and rigorous standard mark. 

Reassurance for your customers! 

Our passion for the environment and our desire to achieve global ZERO Petroleum Plastic and healthy functioning ecosystems is at the heart of our organisation and is the energy and driving force behind our ethical business. 

As part of the PPFP "Social Enterprise Fund" we invest a proportion of the profits back into UK based innovations and technologies in both biological plant based plastic alternatives and remediation methods assisting the current plastic contamination of ecosystems. 


PPFP Social Enterprise Funding 

Every organisation has different plastic usages that will require different planning and challenges. Our ergonomic auditing system will help you achieve and implement an effective ZERO Plastic Management Plan (ZPMP).


Let PPFP cut the cost of avoidable plastics and assist in preventing imminent plastic taxes and the application of the 'Polluter Pays Principle' on your products! 

How can PPFP help your Organisation?

Plastic is currently seen as a cheap material however with the upcoming introduction of the ''Polluter Pays Law'',costs of landfill, incineration and composting soon to be reflected in product prices biological alternatives will flood the market and soon become financially viable!